July 28


The Truth About Lie Detection: How Your Brain Detects Authenticity

By Staff Writer

authenticity, lie detection

It is great fun to watch people interact. Do you ever wonder, as you are watching others, whether they are being authentic or not? How can you tell whether they are trustworthy or just making up a lot of nonsense?

Enter Neuroscience.

This branch of science studies the nervous system and how it develops and functions. It has been classified as a part of biology in the past but it has grown into an interdisciplinary science.  In more recent times it has morphed into a study that works in collaboration with many other fields such as linguistics, psychology, and coaching.

As we look at how the brain functions through the lens of Neuroscience, including our emotions, it is able to help us be somewhat more accurate in determining the authenticity of others.

Join Dr. Robert Holmes, an expert in the science of human behavior and performance enhancement, as he explores the four most accurate methods to use in determining authenticity as you interact with others in the latest edition of BrainSpeak Magazine, found on the Apple iTunes store.

You can also connect with Dr. Holmes on his website, http://www.frazerholmes.com.


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