February 5


Tired Of Multi-Tasking? Why Not Give Life-Guarding A Try?

By Peter Julian

Multi-tasking is getting more common. It is practically expected that we all multi-task while working and at home. Sometimes, we need to just focus on the one thing that is the most important. Just like a lifeguard. Lifeguards focus on the people swimming and nothing else. They don’t look at their phones or read a book, they just watch the swimmers. So sometimes we need to do the same, just be a lifeguard. Focus on the most important thing. Is it your personal life, your spouse and kids, or is it something from work?

Key Takeaways:

  • If you have a job to do that requires you to put all your energy into observation, you are placed in life’s slow lane, where multi-tasking becomes both impossible and irrelevant.
  • One daily swimmer calls this state the state of lifeguarding, as lifeguards most fortuitously are not often called upon to act, but to be vigilant and still.
  • Though modern life and technology have made doing lots, and all at the same, seem normal,try just once doing a single task, according it the focused concentration lifeguards afford their charges.

“Imagine how different we would feel if we spent the day life-guarding rather than multi-tasking.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/shifting-forward/202001/tired-multi-tasking-why-not-give-life-guarding-try

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