April 9


Time passes faster for meditators, leaves them unable to accurately judge time

By Peter Julian

A new study has found that people who engage in mindful meditation are actually unable to assess the passage of time properly, and think that time is passing faster than it actually is. Mindful meditation is a technique used to improve anxiety and depression, and to help your brain communicate with itself better. The researchers believe that mindful meditation takes up so much energy that the brain has little left for other things like guessing how long time is.

Key Takeaways:

  • A new study suggests that meditating makes you think that time passes faster than it really does.
  • Mindfulness meditation can also help with anxiety and depression, and help your brain communicate better.
  • The paper suggests that the brain uses too much energy on meditation and thus doesn’t focus as much on things like time.

“The paper, published in the journal PLoS One on October 18, describes a set of experiments that included participants who were trained in mindfulness meditation over seven days.”

Read more: https://bigthink.com/mind-brain/mindfulness-meditation

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