September 29


This Is the Face of Cortisol

By Peter Julian

September 29, 2022

Cortisol is important to us because it signals our brain when something is bad for our bodies. Not only does it trigger feelings of being threatened, but it also creates a full-body response and we aren’t even aware that it’s happening. In our day to day life, we experience mixed feelings about various things. Both cortisol and a happy chemical are released at the same time when we see good and bad things. By making you feel bad, cortisol is doing its job correctly. It lets your brain know that you are not meeting your needs. Additionally, when things aren’t as good as they should be, it provides you with an alert so that you can return to doing something good.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are legitimate reasons to ignore our negative responses, to say “yes” when we feel like saying “no.”
  • Humans have little inborn knowledge, and we learn a lot by what types of chemicals our body releases.
  • Our learned responses are influenced by those around us, e.g., when a baby sees a parent is smiling.

“Cortisol makes you feel bad because that’s how it does its job. It’s your brain’s signal that you are not on track to meet your needs.”

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