February 25


This Is How to Develop Your Brain For Maximum Performance

By Margaret

There are three easy steps to putting your brain power into hyper-drive, although step one as described below is probably the least effective of the three. Step 1: Play brain games to speed up the neural connections in the brain. Step 2: Meditation. Meditation quiets the brain, and allows it to focus. Meditation is probably the most recognized “brain game” that you can engage in as it calms the mind, and helps to alleviate anxiety. Step 3 is very effective as well. Try introducing a problem right before going to sleep. The brain when sleeping is quieted of distractions, and is able to allocate more brain power to solving problems. Its a good idea to keep a pen, and paper at your bedside so when you wake you can record your thoughts. Practice, practice, practice and within 8 short weeks you’ll witness amazing results.

Key Takeaways:

  • While science does not want to validate brain training games, it makes meditation to seem as if it is a solution for several performance goals.
  • One of the ways to develop brain power is to upgrade the brain power so that the brain runs faster, and makes more connections.
  • When one adds skills and strategies to the brain, the brain tends to work ever smarter and not harder, and it uses tricks and frameworks to do more.

“Brain training games tackle raw horsepower. That’s their number one goal. This turns out to be the slowest and least useful approach to developing brain performance.”

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