April 15


The Two Sides of Gratitude: When It Helps Us and When It Hurts Us

By Peter Julian

April 15, 2022

Without gratitude, we tend to focus on what’s missing in life. We might spend our lives searching rather than enjoying things. Gratitude doesn’t eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, but it can make us resilient. The downside of gratitude is it can make us settle for less. It can cause us to say “it could be worse” and miss out on new possibilities. Gratitude should not be used to make excuses for others. To practice true gratitude, you need to set yourself as equal to others. It also allows us to see that we’re seeking is often already in our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gratitude is an important tool to both help guide you and help recast how you see the world.
  • Using gratitude can help you make choices even when you think you have none, and makes you able to spring back.
  • However, gratitude can also limit your life if used improperly, so take care in how you implement it.

“I’ve invested a lot of thought, time, and deliberate action into creating the life I want.”

Read more: https://tinybuddha.com/blog/the-two-sides-of-gratitude-when-it-helps-us-and-when-it-hurts-us/

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