March 9


The Subtle Art of Taming Your Mindset

By Peter Julian

There are many things that go into taming our mindset. The meta mindset level involves big picture clarity and how we see our roles and goals in the world. The macro mindset has to do with mental disciplines and practices that are required to help bring focus to the big picture. The micro level helps build a sustainable path for a specific project or team. Make sure to tune into all of those mindsets and focus as much as you can on which one you lean on most.

Key Takeaways:

  • Most of us tend to move forward with focus, logic and a good set of goals. However, our mindset can get in the way of these otherwise excellent steerers to success.
  • Basically, our mindset is the default place our minds go to. Worse, this setting is not necessarily known to us. Instead we have to watch ourselves, as if from the outside to learn how to navigate it.
  • Mindsets are not inborn. Science suggests they are a constellation of ideas around a specific topic that over time gel into a mindset that can be stubbornly persistent, against logic and debilitating.

“Hint: Finding your zone of excellence and teaming up with complementary others may lead you to your zone of genius.”

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