November 4


The Sooner You Know About The Wall the Better

By Donald Williams

November 4, 2015

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by Donald Williams

Have you ever noticed that about half of everything you were taught in life/school looks, sounds and feels backwards? Did anyone ever warn you about “The WALL”? Some life answers can be very elusive. Much of life does not make sense until you understand the reason for The WALL and why you built it.

Consider for a moment that during life you have only two options. It is simple really. Option one is to build a bridge between the cliff of your inner and exterior experiences by developing your mental and emotional maturity at least equal to physical maturity. The second is to build “The WALL” that blocks all your potential in life. You chose the building material: Bricks for the bridge or Blocks for “The WALL”. As you age one grows larger than the other. The good news is a block can always be removed and made into a brick.

Typically sometime between the ages of 18 to 24 most people begin to notice “The WALL” is larger because it gets in their way. People will either back up against “The WALL” while facing that cliff in fear or will run and smack right into “The WALL” while trying to avoid the cliff. The WALL is nature’s attempt to get your attention and acts like an alarm clock to tell you something is out of harmony with you. Either “WAKE UP” to start building that bridge or you will only be “DREAMING” of your potentials.

The WALL is the biggest elephant in the room and people rarely talk about it. Why?

Because most people think that the experience is only happening to themselves. People feel trapped and it can be scary. It can feel like having the rug pulled out from under you, as your head falls between your legs, you are left wondering what happened, as all you thought you knew appears upside down. The majority of your dreams, desires and wants seem thrust up in the air becoming distantly elusive. That is what happens when you cannot develop your mental and emotional potentials.

Two Real Life Examples

Kris had blocks with challenges she did not understand about her internal relationship with herself and externally with others. Her blocks got in the way of her ability to communicate with people.

“Learning this information opened me up to take control of my life like never before. You have changed my life. Thank you!” – Kris

Evan faced blocks dealing with the inability to grasp his own value. He thought he was not good enough. For much of his adult life he suffered with lack of success in his personal and business life.

“With this course you brought so much clarity to my life. You know your stuff! Why don’t they teach this in school?” – Evan

Some Bridge Building Solutions

Not knowing the two options for tearing it down, people push at life and fight “The WALL”. One is taking the time to learn mental and emotional self-responsibility, working on your own. The faster second way requires a mentor that has mastered a block removal process that is sustainable and maintainable. Either way you can still build that bridge. “The WALL” blocks come down quickly upon taking the “Discover Your Motivations” workshop.

About the author

For entrepreneur Donald Williams, his nearly fatal brain/spine injury at age 10 was the wake up call and his experience in corporate America was the call to action for his life. To this day, doctors consider Don a living miracle. His gratitude for living through it all fuels his passion to help and train as many people as he can. Due to Don’s natural resilience, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to pioneer assisting above average people to become extraordinary human beings. For more information about his company Get ON 2 It, his The Human Instruction Manual and Donald Williams please visit: or call 216-496-9494.

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