September 13


The Simple Art of Not Being Miserable

By Staff Writer

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Choosing to live life without misery is one that you can and should make. Finding happiness isn’t as hard as it might seem and it is certainly much easier to live happily than to live miserably. Finding that happiness is as simple as focusing attention in the right places and changing the way that you think. Misery loves company but there is no reason for you to join in when your good life is out there.

Key Takeaways:

  • One’s perception of happiness generally boils down to how well our subjective expectations fit in with a more objective reality.
  • The trick to getting the gap between subjective hopes and objective truths to shorten is to develop some flexibility.
  • Desiring something unattainable creates a huge leak in our reserves and is a definite gateway to being miserable.

“After hearing the legends about the Enlightened One and then seeking him out, they are both impressed with his calm poise and the simple profundity of his teachings.”

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