April 13


The One Thing You Need to Make the Best Decisions for You

By Peter Julian

People who possess strength seemed to be larger than life, until I realized that others saw me as strong. In fact, I am scared of many things. What I possess isn’t strength, but courage. Courage simply means telling your own truth, which is actually difficult. Courage isn’t something you pursue, it is something that beckons and guides you. The path of courage isn’t dramatic, it is gentle and simplifying. It comes from the heart, and the heart is about love. Following the path of courage won’t make you always happy, but it will mean that you will never go astray.

Key Takeaways:

  • People think that being mentally strong is important, but having courage is important as well.
  • Being courageous can be defined as speaking what’s in your heart, but it takes bravery to do so.
  • If you use courage to guide your choices in life you will end up being more true to yourself.

“Those in possession of strength flit about larger than life, surmounting all obstacles without a strand of bother, achieving Herculean glory.”

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