March 31


The Fascinating Reason We Sabotage Ourselves and Hold Ourselves Back

By Peter Julian

It is always surprising to realize how much we sabotage ourselves, even when everything is going our way. It may be the case that by doing so, we express our concern and question whether having a good life is okay and deserved. Procrastination and self-inflicted sabotage are not necessarily bad things and, in a sense, they are mechanisms we deploy as a mean of survival. The key to gaining the benefit is to understand and embrace these mechanisms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Did you know that self-sabotage and procrastination can be survival mechanisms, and they’re actually our friends?
  • The key is working with these parts, not against them, and not trying to get rid of them. When we work with them and integrate them, we experience more energy.
  • The key to healing and shifting that energy patterning is discovering the reasons and what that part of us needs.

“We self-sabotage and procrastinate for many reasons, and it’s different for everybody; most often it’s coming from a part of us that just wants to feel safe.”

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