July 21


The Discipline of Mastering Mental States

By Margaret

In this day and age when way more is expected of us, it’s important to be in the right mental state to be productive. It’s so easy to sit down and watch TV instead of tackling that to-do list, but then we just get more stress when we realize we now have even more to do. The most important skill is noticing that you are not in the right mental state to get things done. Once you realize that and make an effort to change it, you can make note of the actions that help you change your mental state so that it becomes an easier task in the future. Perhaps most importantly, you need to recognize the circumstances that make it difficult to change your mental state and practice even harder to overcome them. Once you get better at changing your mental state, you will be more productive and much happier.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that he has been practicing on this role and has been rehearsing on how effective mental states are in promoting good health.
  • One mental state is feeling tired and when is in this state, there is the highest likelihood that he will not concentrate on tasks.
  • It is important that one watches and understands his mental state and it should be considered a valuable skill to be able to direct oneself into desired mental states.

“Mental states will usually affect whether we do our exercise, eat healthy, binge watch TV shows, drink alcohol, eat junk food, or are open-hearted (or rude) with the people we love.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/mentalstates/

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