March 7


The Beautiful Truths about being a Highly Sensitive Person

By Margaret

Very sensitive people face an array of unique gifts and challenges in social situations, the workplace and interpersonal relationships. Sensitive people are blessed with intense joy in reaction to set, music and beauty, but may also be prone to depression, and face difficulty fitting in with others. Although being highly emotional is not a disorder, the media and society often stigmatize it and portray highly sensitive people (or even large groups stereotyped as sensitive) negatively. Sadly, many sensitive people go through life believing something is wrong with them.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is not an easy path when one is very sensitive, when one sees the world through different eyes and different wavelengths.
  • A sensitive person might be a deep thinker, an intuitive feeler and one who observes with extraordinary accuracy, as well as being prone to depression and anxiety.
  • The sensitive person tends to be the black sheep in the family but despite this, he should not hide behind what he or she really is.

“At work you want the authorities to recognize you, but your soul does not compromise on depth, authenticity and connections.”

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