July 17


The Attention Diet

By Peter Julian

July 17, 2019

Frequent interruptions are a feature of modern life and technology, and can cause anxiety and loss of productivity. This has to do with our sedentary lifestyle and high-sugar diet. We must make conscious efforts to keep our bodies and minds healthy. Otherwise we fall prey to ADD, depression, stress, and other disorders. Rather than trying to remove mental strain, we have to exert ourselves to limit our distractions mindfully and consciously choose what to pay attention to. We must choose the information we take in the same way we choose food, paying attention to its “nutritional” value, cutting out junk, and cultivating healthy habits. You can start by limiting social media, carefully selecting your information sources, and keeping a tight schedule with free time and entertainment factored in. You can use site blockers and other tools to help you. Overcome the common objections, find an accountability partner, and clean up your information diet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Distractions are not productive and they cause both anxiety and an increase in your workload.
  • People need to focus their minds and work hard on finding information rather than constantly seeking out stimulation.
  • Choose what you pay attention to with the same mindset that you would use in choosing a healthy diet.

“I went down a rabbit hole of YouTube videos once, costing me about 30 minutes of productivity, and I probably checked my books’ ranks on Amazon roughly 3,172 times.”

Read more: https://markmanson.net/attention-diet

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