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Supercharge the Manifestation Power of Your Mind!

By Ilchi Lee

Boost energy, creativity, energy

By Ilchi Lee

(Editor’s note:  This article describes a practice that was created by Ilchi Lee and used by students around the world. Chim Shun, who is also a contributor to BrainSpeak, uses this practice with her students daily.  She highly recommends it to all who are interested in expansion!)

Have you heard all of the theories about manifestation, but things still aren’t happening in your life as you want? Creation begins in the mind and then comes into being through action. Energy is intimately linked with your mind. Your thoughts are energy, and energy also creates thought. In fact, LifeParticles—the basic units of life of which we are all made—are a combination of matter, energy, and consciousness. By understanding the principles of energy, then, it will become easier for you to design your environment and make the circumstances you want come true in the material realm.

LifeParticles are always gathering and scattering, accumulating and circulating. Your consciousness can make energy flow anywhere at any time. With your mind, you can gather the energy you need to you and send it toward what you want to achieve, whether it’s relieving symptoms of disease in your body or creating healthy relationships.

However, there are also specific circuits of energy that exist. For example, there is the Water Up, Fire Down circuit that flows down the front of our body and up the back. There are also specific ways that energy flows through our body’s meridian channels. In the world at large, cycles of energy can be seen everywhere—in weather patterns, the evaporation and condensation of water, and the circulation of elements such as carbon and nitrogen.

To create what you want, you consciously need to connect the energy circulating in your body with the energy circulating in the world at large. You need to send out energy and have it circle back to you. In many ways, that connection is already occurring. You take in energy from food and air and then eliminate the waste. Energy also enters and leaves through your meridian points without your awareness. With a conscious connection, however, you will gain a sense of oneness with all creation and develop more trust and faith in your manifestation power. Sending out your intentions to the world and having what you want flow back to you can then happen more quickly and easily.

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Try the following meditation to gather and circulate your energy. It utilizes the energy from the metaphysical source of all life, which I call the LifeParticle Sun.

LifeParticle Sun Meditation for Manifestation

First, relax and quiet your body and mind with some energy-flowing exercises such as yoga, tai chi, and deep stretching movements.

Next, sit or lie down comfortably with your back and neck straight. Bring a soft smile to your face. Focus on your breathing for a couple of minutes, which will bring your awareness to your body.

LifeParticle SunImagine this image of the LifeParticle Sun is a few feet above your head. Visualize a spiral of energy rotating clockwise coming down into your head, through your body, and out through your feet. Then imagine a counter-clockwise spiral coming up from below your feet and out through your head and returning to the LifeParticle Sun. As the spirals of energy pass through you, see golden particles of energy collecting inside you and filling your entire being.

When you take in solar energy from the LifeParticle Sun, you may feel subtle or dramatic vibration from the movement of energy, especially energy that wasn’t circulating well in your body. You also may feel cold as stagnant energy leaves your body, and then hot afterward. Or your body may warm up right from the start.

After receiving the energy, start saying everything you are thinking and feeling out loud. It doesn’t matter what you say; keep speaking and you will circulate your current energy condition away from you. You’ll feel clearer inside, and you’ll be better able to see and feel what you really want.

Once you do, switch to saying that out loud. The voice is powerful for circulating energy. Wishes aren’t really meant to be kept to yourself. Tell the universe exactly what you want.

Use your mind’s eye too! Picture golden and sparkling LifeParticles going to a picture of your wish as you’re speaking it. Make your goal clear and specific. See it in detail.

Taking in energy from the LifeParticle Sun and sending it to your goal may seems like two distinct steps, but it’s part of one flow of energy.

Circulate your dream out to the universe until you feel confident that you will achieve it. Finish with three deep breaths.

If you try the meditation, let me know how you felt and your results in the comments.

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About the author

Ilchi Lee has authored 36 books including The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart, a New York Times bestseller, and his latest, Change: Realizing Your Greatest Potential. Lee created Dahn Yoga and Brain Education, and is president of the University of Brain Education and the International Brain Education Association. Find articles and videos on his methods at http://www.ChangeYourEnergy.com.

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