March 9


Sometimes We Are the Ones Who Need to Change

By Margaret

March 9, 2019

Change is necessary. While many people tend to complain about what others do around them, it is often us that need to change the most. Most conflicts can be avoided if we take responsibility for our actions. Expecting others to take care of you or responsibility for your life can only lead to disappointment and disempowerment. The best way to avoid this is to focus on things that you can change. Ultimately we can communicate with others, but we cannot change them. We can only change ourselves.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that while younger, he concentrated on why people needed to change, but doing so made him not to be able to see why he needed changes.
  • The author had issues of his own which were flaws like flying frequently, and not using the bike or walking for short distances but using the car.
  • The author states that by thinking about how hard it is for one to change himself, he will see why it is difficult to change other people.

“I’ve realized that for a very long time, I’ve blamed other people for my circumstances; and maybe circumstances did have an impact in some ways. That job that didn’t work out, those traumas that happened in the past. Yes, they are part of who I am.”

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