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Sharpen Your Memory with Games

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Some of the most popular forms of entertainment that are available for all ages to use are video games. Video games can be found to be played on different console systems, genres, styles, purposes, and difficulties; all of which have their own capabilities.

Although playing video games may not necessarily be seen as a good form of entertainment to engage in, as many parents have been known to discourage their children from playing them, they do bring its users some benefits and advantages that many people may not be aware of. Playing video games can enhance one’s ability to remember things – it may be hard to believe, but you can actually sharpen your memory with games!

Different types of video games enable users to benefit from certain types of skills, especially memory. For instance, a sports video game will enable the user to greatly utilize their memory, as they are required to know exactly which buttons to push in split second decisions. The user must be able to react to the opposing player in the sporting game they are playing, which requires a memorization of controls and plays. As the video game user’s control choices on the controller determines the movements and actions of the players on the video game, they have complete control over the outcome of the match. The skills that are attained from playing the video game will enhance the user’s memory levels as they become accustomed to maneuvering certain moves and plays in certain scenarios.

Many RPG, fantasy, and battle games require the users to have a sense of vivid memory as well. In order to advance to higher levels, the user must usually have some experience with that game in particular. Therefore, most users will not have the ability of advancing onto higher levels without failing in their first couple of tries. Video games are designed to challenge its users, while enabling them with having opportunities of feeling rewarded when they beat certain challenges and obstacles. The repetitions that are involved with the trial and errors in video games have a great effect on the user’s memory, as they recognize the game’s platform, styles, graphics, situations, and scenarios.

Another great game that affects its players’ memories is crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles can be played the old-fashioned way – with paper and pen – or you can take advantage of online and tablet versions. These games provide challenges to its players to constantly search for ways of identifying and learning new words that fit in the spaces provided for them. By using the clues to think of the correct word, along with help from intersecting words and phrases, the players benefit both from learning new words, and connecting familiar words to new contexts based on the clues.

John Creighton is an expert in the video gaming technology field, as he has been a certified reviewer of games for several magazines, catalogs, and review websites including mmobux.com

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