September 15


Share your ?goals ?— but only with certain people, study says

By Peter Julian

September 15, 2019

Historically speaking, experts have always suggested not to share your goals with others, as they could potentially hinder your success. A recent study that included 171 undergraduate students found that this thought process may actually be faulty. Researchers found that as long as the other person was of a higher status, sharing goals with them may actually motivate the person to pursue their goals more. This is due to the fear of them being evaluated by the wealthier individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • A study examined 171 undergraduate students which showed that those who share their goals with members of higher status end up being more committed to their cause.
  • When you tell your goals to those who you view as more prestigious, it drives your desire to do well and keep going.
  • People are typically interested in how wealthier individuals view them, which is why they want to persist after confiding in them.

“Share your goals, but only with people whom you perceive as being of a higher status than yourself.”

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