June 9


Selfless Narcissists?: The Paradox of The Headless Egomaniac

By Peter Julian

When Karl Popper stated that Freud explains everything, he also added that such theories are scientifically not useful. Popper called such theories “non-falsifiable”, arguing that nothing can disprove such a doctrine. His own theory states that if any theory explains everything, then in essence it explains nothing. By this logic, “non-falsifiable” theories should not be considered through science, because science relies on theory testing. Though science does not embrace such theories, we, as individuals, do. Many of theories and dogmas in religious, spiritual and political domains are of such “non-falsifiable” nature. They are empowering and self-serving. Unlike absolute narcissists, most other narcissists are simply the victims of seductive power of these theories. Similarly, cultists are also lost to no-fail “non-falsifiable” doctrines. Some people know a lot and some people talk about knowing a lot. When those who talk a lot about knowing a lot have a response to every challenge, it is safe to assume they are not those who actually know a lot.

Key Takeaways:

  • Subscribing to non-falsifiable theories often makes one feel they are always correct regardless of the arguments leveled against them.
  • Homeopathy is, for many, another non-falsifiable theory where it is easy to combine elements and claim that they all prove their belief.
  • People can become like crowbots where they feel that they are able to respond or take nay action, because they are justified by these non-falsifiable theories.

“Your doctrine is a non-falsifiable collection of theories that rationalize crowing no matter what you do.”

Read more: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/ambigamy/202005/selfless-narcissists-the-paradox-the-headless-egomaniac

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