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Self-Coaching Model Explained: 56 Questions & Techniques for Self-Mastery

By Peter Julian

The Model is the one tool you need to change anything in your life by helping you understand how your circumstances, thoughts, feelings, actions, and results work.When you discover the underlying thought causing the results in your life, you become aware of how you are responsible for the results. That awareness shows you how you’re already creating the results, which means you can change your thoughts to achieve different results. You have to incrementally change your thoughts from negative to neutral and then to positive.

Key Takeaways:

  • Self-coaching is considered a valid intervention, although it does not necessarily take the place of regular master/student coaching.
  • With self-coaching the individual in need of guidance takes on both the coach and the coached roles. The goal is to try to understand how your feelings lead to your actions.
  • To better learn and understand self-regulation through self-coaching techniques there are books that can be read and found on sites like Amazon.

“Learning and guiding yourself through cognitive solution-focused processes like these is an example of a practice called self-coaching – a skill worth cultivating.”

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