August 9


Seeing Yourself as Einstein May Change the Way You Think

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There is a new function associated with virtual reality technology that is called virtual embodiment. Virtual embodiment is when someone is able to view themselves as a completely different entity, helping them envision what the belief system and overall characteristics of the other person can be. Many are finding it useful to embody geniuses such as Albert Einstein. When you embody the presence of a genius, it allows you to let go of earthly restrictions that weigh you down.

Key Takeaways:

  • New technology uses “virtual embodiment” to let users feel as if they are inhabiting a different body.
  • One study used 30 subjects, who were tested in various ways, to see if their attitudes were shifted by a virtual embodiment experience.
  • A reduced implicit-bias towards the aged was noted in those that used a virtual embodiment that put the user in an “Albert Einstein” body.

“Using a virtual reality simulation to ?become? Albert Einstein helps to enhance cognitive performance in those with low self esteem, a new study reports.”

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