April 3


How Safe Do You Feel? And How Does It Color Your Life?

By Jackie Lapin

April 3, 2014

safety, security

by Jackie Lapin

Have you ever had one of those “Aha! Moments” where all of a sudden some aspect of your life becomes very clear?  Well, I had one of those recently and felt that it was significant enough to share. Many others of you probably come from this same place, and while all of our reasons are different, we can end up

I grew up in a very loving household, but when I was only four my father developed colon cancer, the very disease that killed both of his parents. He was a very young man (32 years old) and there was a terrible sense of fear and insecurity in the house. After surgery, he recovered, but then my mother had multiple cancers and other serious health conditions. To make matters worse, while my father recovered, the family funds dwindled down and for many years, we simply scraped by financially.

My view of the world was colored by these experiences. I perceived that the world was not a safe place. People can become ill and maybe even die. Money is scarce and– without enough–you might go hungry or lose your home (which we never did, but this was the fear.) So my life has been dominated by the need for safety.

For much of my life I have been a workaholic, striving to create a secure financial nest for myself. Love and romance has always taken a back seat to income-generation. And the reason for that is a vow I made to myself as a child that I would always take care of me—I couldn’t depend on others (they may die, they may leave you, they may be too busy with their own illnesses to provide for my security.) I would not depend on marriage or a man as my means of support. The world is an unsafe place and I have to be my own security.

My “Aha! Moment” came when I realized that since I projected the world as unsafe, than that is what I would experience. I would always experience the kind of edgy financial come-and-go that would reinforce my feeling of insecurity. I would attract experiences –and some people — that would make me feel unsafe. I would create scenarios that would make me feel as if I was stepping in quicksand. I would push relationships away because I chose to reach for financial security first.

Whew! That was a revelation! But what if I chose to see the world as a safe place? How would that change my perspective? I would feel and appreciate the abundance instead of focusing on lack. I would make choices based on a knowing that all is well. I choose “balance” as a priority, rather than exclusively work. I would assume people are there to help me instead of stand in my way. I would start from the premise that whatever I need will show up. I would attract people who are interested in my welfare. I would feel safe at all times regardless of where I am. I would not naturally assume that things will go wrong.

And I would know that the Universe is CONSPIRING FOR ME and not against me! And by virtue of holding that vibration, I would always feel and be provided for. Whenever I find myself in a place of feeling unsafe or worried about an outcome, I remind myself that the Universe is indeed conspiring on my behalf!

Now your experience may be different. Your lack of safety may come from living in an abusive home, having an alcoholic parent, having an absentee parent, being bullied by other children, having a traumatic incident or accident, or simply experiencing some off-handed remark by someone that made you revert deeply into yourself and feel the need for protection. But consider changing your perspective to one like mine.  

[box type=”success” align=”aligncenter” ]How would you feel differently if you KNEW the world was a safe place and the Universe was conspiring for you?[/box]

I urge you to try it. I think that you will discover the world opening up to you in a way you never before experienced and your life will be infinitely better!

About the author

Jackie Lapin tours the world teaching Practical Conscious Creation. She is the bestselling author of "The Art of Conscious Creation; How You Can Transform the World” and "Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desires." To learn how to become a better, faster manifestor, secure a free chapter of “Practical Conscious Creation” or receive Jackie Lapin’s daily manifesting tips, visit www.jackielapin.com.

Jackie Lapin is also the founder of LifeWisdomNetwork.com, the Virtual Village that is the Marketplace, Directory and Information Resource for the fast-growing Consciousness and Transformational World .A place where mind/body/spirit entrepreneurs and self-help experts connect with their next customers and clients worldwide. Go to www.LifeWisdomNetwork.com for more information or to learn how to become a Village Member.

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