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Reduce Anxiety and Improve Memory With These 3 Herbal Supplements

By Staff Writer

July 19, 2013

Improve Memory, reduce anxiety

If you find it difficult to focus at times, or you just feel that trying to grasp the information flowing past you every day has gotten out of control, you may be wondering how you can be more productive and improve memory.

Focus, concentration, memory, strategic thinking – these are all things that many of us would like to improve!

Our brains are amazingly complex, and there are an infinte number of factors involved in their function – as evidenced by the brain model we reported about recently that took a cluster of computers more than a full day to simulate 20 minutes of activity!

Diet, exercise, sleep – these all help to help or hinder our 3 pounds of grey matter! But supplements can be impactful too.

Obviously just taking supplements isn’t going to be as effective if you are still stuffing your face with junk food, sitting too much and for too long, or getting too little sleep!

However there are several herbs that you may not have heard of that can help you counter lifestyle faux pas and chronic stress (check out our article on making a personal development plan to see how you can change your habits, too!).

If you are not into Ayurvedic Medicine, you may not have heard of BRAHMI. This herb is great for helping both sides of your brain to work together and can help to heal adrenal glands, which reduces the effects of stress on our brain.  It is used to help improve memory, anxiety, and ADHD. There is some research that seems to indicate that it could help protect the brain from Alsheimer’s.

As a nice side effect, Brahmi can also help with IBS, joint pain, and sexual performance issues.

ASHWAGHANDHA seems to have a calming effect on the brain, and is used for anxiety, insomnia, and to help recovery from nervous exhaustion and overwork. It is used to help improve clarity and memory.

GOTU KOLA is probably more familiar, it is used for fatigue, anxiety, depression, and to improve memory and intelligence. One of the ways it works is by decreasing inflammation and increasing circulation to the brain.  More blood in the brain = better brain function!

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