July 15


Proactiveness: The Glue to Achieving Productivity

By Margaret

July 15, 2019

Proactiveness means anticipating a situation before it occurs. Proactive people need self-discipline, awareness, and an ability to plan ahead. Adapting and anticipating possible problems are both important in the workplace. Anticipating problems and heading them off before they start increases productivity and reduces stress so it isn’t hard to be adaptable when an unexpected problem occurs. Some good tips for increasing proactiveness including good communication, devising schedules to finish the majority of work for a project in 50% of the allotted time, and mentally preparing for difficult situations.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is easier for one to give a definition of being proactive than to practice it and it could be defined as taking the initiative no matter the requirements.
  • When a person has shown himself to be consistently proactive he always finds a solution to a situation that could possibly be negative and takes needed action.
  • Many persons would choose to react to life each day as it comes rather than make the choice to act in a proactive way.

“In practice, proactiveness requires awareness, self-discipline, and an eye for the future.”

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