January 17


Practicing with Zero

By Peter Julian

When creating a new habit, such as mediation or learning a language, it can be motivating to keep a streak going. But what happens when the streak is broken? Often we experience a “screw it” moment and throw away all our gains. Instead, we can start over again, Practicing with Zero when the streak is reset to zero. The key is to pause, take a breath, and then decide how to proceed. Practicing what happens when things fall apart is very powerful.

Key Takeaways:

  • We often use streaks as a way to encourage ourselves, but what happens when the streak is broken?
  • Instead of thinking “screw it,” try dusting yourself off and starting again.
  • Practicing with Zero involves simply pausing, taking a breath, and deciding how to proceed.

“Practicing with what happens when things fall apart — that’s probably the most powerful thing we can learn.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/zeroth/

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