September 1


Politicians Say the Darndest Things

By Staff Writer

Kids are not alone, we all know that politicians say the darndest things, too! Yes, politicians say a lot of silly things when they are just talking and their mouth gets away from their brain…  Here is an example from California.

Just for some background, Joseph Graham “Gray” Davis, Jr – born Dec 26, 1942 – was a governor in California from 1999 – 2003, when he was recalled from office.

A recall election happens when enough voters sign a petition to get rid of an existing elected official by having a direct vote prior to the end of his or her term.

Now, there have only ever been two governors recalled in the United States, even though it has been in the laws at least someplace in America since 1631. The first was in 1921 (Lynn Frazier, Governor of North Dakota) and the second was Gray Davis in 2003.

Recalls have happened for  other types of politicians in this country (especially in 2011!), but even though it has been proposed for US senators, it has not passed.

When you read this quote by Gray Davis, it may start to become clear why he may have been one of the two governors to be recalled:

“My vision is to make the most diverse state on earth, and we have people from every planet on the earth in this state. We have the sons and daughters of every, of people from every planet, of every country on earth.”  – Former California Governor Gray Davis, during the recall campaign.

Uh, still trying to figure out which particular planets he was referring to?

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