Our Simple 30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

We know it can be hard to find the right program from a well-established publisher that you can trust.

The Whole Brain Learning Institute has been in the business of publishing cutting-edge Brain / Mind personal growth programs for over 30 years.

In many respects, we pioneered the industry being the first to introduce the use of psycho-acoustic sounds and tones in a commercially available format. In fact, many of the reputable authors in the field today got their start as graduates and students of our 5 and 12 day intensive trainings.

What makes WBLI different is that we author and apply our own proprietary, scientifically-tested sound patterns, top-of-the-line recording and processing tools and employ the talents of real experts in the fields of audiology, audio engineering & production, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, behavioral medicine, as well as Grammy nominated musicians and composers.

Our Commitment to You

It is our mission and passion to assist our clients in making the changes in their lives that they truly want and deserve through the use of our programs.

Conversely, we are not in the business of just selling CDs to people who are not committed to fulfilling their potential.

So here is our commitment to you…

If you do your part by honestly using your WBLI program as directed, and within a full 30 days you are not thrilled with your results, just contact our support center and we will arrange for you to return your program for a complete refund of the purchase price!

It’s as simple as that!

*NOTE: If you purchased before 10/14/2010 you are covered by our 90-day return policy. We are changing our return policy to comply with our credit card processor’s new terms of service.

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