May 19


New Edition of BrainSpeak Magazine: Spring Clean Edition

By Staff Writer

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Slide1We love the feeling of publishing another great edition of BrainSpeak Magazine! If you haven’t seen the latest edition yet, go to the iTunes store and check it out!

This edition focuses on the renewal of spring, and how it is a great time to change the way you think and feel, along with focusing on clearing out mental clutter and supporting your brain with the right nutrients. Of course we have more of those brain games that you love so much too – quote scrambles, rebus puzzles, and the purple word search.

We introduce a new, regular feature there by Dr. Carol Morgan called “A Walk on the Woo Side,” which will help you to open your mind to new ideas of what is true and possible.

We bring you part 2 of our BrainSpeak Radio interview with Dr. Seth Horowitz, which focuses on why hearing is the universal sense along with some surprising facts about music and hearing.  We appreciate that Dr. Horowitz took time out of his busy schedule to talk to us.

Leo Babauta invites you to let go of judgment and expectations, which allows us to live in the moment and discover more happiness.

Terri Cole gives some advice on how to get the clutter out of your brain to ease stress and help you to focus on what is more important!

Dr. John Douillard brings advice about vitamin B12, and explains why it is so important to the health of your brain (and heart!) along with an explanation of why so many of us are deficient in this important nutrient. He shares the ideal formulation to help your body make use of it most efficiently.

Last, but not least, we share the TED talk that inspired the whole edition!  If you haven’t seen it yet, it may just be one of the most inspiring videos you will ever see!

We hope you will like this latest edition, and that you will share it with your friends.

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Our staff writers come from various backgrounds in the neuroscience, personal development, brain science and psychology fields. Many started out as with us as contributors!

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