August 5


Never Forget That You Have the Power to Choose – Tiny Buddha

By Peter Julian

For some people, realizing that they have choices in this world, no matter the topic, is a powerful and new concept. In their new blog post, Leslie Ralph explores the topic of both choices you get to make and choices about how you react to the situations in which you cannot escape. She shares some of her personal experiences with her family and some of the key concepts she invites us to experiment with to ultimately become a happier and more empowered individual.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can affect more than you might expect by exercising your power to choose. Sometimes you might forget and you might edge into pain, but you can always choose to change that again.
  • Use your power of choice to extend your love and hope to the people you care about. Do good things for them, or just send them your caring thoughts.
  • Expand your choice to be caring to people you don’t know. This sort of positive energy can expand and affect other people indirectly.

“You can’t choose everything that you experience in life, but what you can choose is mightier than any circumstance, outcome, or other person’s opinion.”

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