October 25


Music and your brain

By Margaret

October 25, 2018

Music is so engrained in our day to day activities that we do not always notice it. Music is not just for entertainment or nostalgia, though. It has many positive benefits. Music can be used medicinally by calming people’s anxiety, helping to lull them to a restful sleep, and has been used effectively in the recovery of stroke patients. Kids receive benefits of music as they often master crucial things, like the alphabet, when it is accompanied by music.

Key Takeaways:

  • Music is such a constant part of our life that it is easy to not notice it in our daily lives sometimes.
  • Music can be used as a form of medicine by helping us sleep and even reducing our stress.
  • Music is also a very valuable tool for young children who can master their ABCS or other important educational milestones via songs.

“Humans are hard-wired to enjoy music, since it activates the brain’s reward system – the part of the brain that signals to us whether something is important, valuable or necessary for survival.”

Read more: https://www.tonyrobbins.com/mind-meaning/music-and-your-brain/

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