July 27


More Physical Activity May Ward Off Alzheimer’s Onset

By Peter Julian

New studies show that higher levels of physical activity may protect against cognitive decline and neurodegeneration. Physical activity may reduce beta-amyloid related cortical thinning, and preserve gray matter in regions of the brain associated with memory loss. After all, the underlying processes of Alzheimer’s can begin decades before clinical symptoms appear. The study had 182 normal adults – including those at high risk for cognitive decline – walk and measured steps using a pedometer. Benefits were seen at 8900 steps daily.

Key Takeaways:

  • A recent study, conducted with subjects wearing hip-placed pedometers, had results published in “JAMA Neurology.”
  • The study was designed to measure cognitive and brain tissue loss against various factors.
  • Though the results showed factors, such as lowering elevated blood pressure, could delay the onset of cognitive losses, the best results were seen among subjects who achieved 86,000 daily steps.

“Higher levels of daily physical activity may protect against cognitive decline and neurodegeneration.”

Read more: https://psychcentral.com/news/2019/07/21/more-physical-activity-may-ward-off-alzheimers-onset/148759.html

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