July 5


Mindfully Shifting Your Approach to a Task Can Shift Everything

By Margaret

Sometimes all it takes to start or approach a task is shifting your mindset. It’s a softening, a warming, and an opening. Try starting with the hardest task in your to-do list, and then use these steps: Notice how you feel about it. Be curious about those sensations. Relax any tensions. Try warming up any feelings about the activity. Relate to the experience with friendliness. Be open-minded instead of being closed and tight toward it. Then, be grateful, and deeply appreciate this moment in your life.

Key Takeaways:

  • A subtle mindful shift exists anytime we are active in doing things like undertaking a task, starting a good conversation, or moving into an activity.
  • When one wants to start a task that is overwhelming, what they do is either get distracted and begin to procrastinate or do it unwillingly.
  • Instead of procrastinating on a task and getting distracted on it, the author suggests that one brings some mindful shift to those tasks.

“The shift is a softening, a warming, an opening. And that might not sound very powerful, but it is.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/mindful-shift/

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