March 15


Memory: This Is The Key To Permanent Recall – Done In Just 40 Seconds

By Peter Julian

Psychologists discovered that rehearsing a memory activates the posterior cingulate, the same area of the brain that is activated when creating the memory in the first place. The posterior cingulate is the part of the brain damaged in Alzheimer’s disease. In a study lead by Dr Chris Bird, participants were shown 26 YouTube clips and asked to recall them two weeks later. Rehearsing the clips for just 40 seconds, whether aloud or mentally, improved recall. Non-rehearsed videos were almost completely forgotten.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a study, participants were shown YouTube videos and asked to recall them two weeks later.
  • Those who spent 40 seconds rehearsing the videos, either mentally or out loud, remembered details better.
  • Brain scans show that when watching and rehearsing activities match, people remember more.

“This brain region — the posterior cingulate — is also the part that is damaged in Alzheimer’s disease.”

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