July 25


Meditation: Sitting with Your Basic Goodness

By Margaret

July 25, 2019

The stress and anxiety we feel comes from the fear that we aren’t good enough. As humans, our basic nature is goodness, but unfortunately we often fail to see it within us. Meditation is an effective way to recognize and trust our basic goodness. Start by sitting down and dropping your awareness into your body. Proceed to notice your breath, as though you have never felt breathing before. Bring this beginner’s mind to your heart and all the sensations you feel. Practice this fresh, wide open awareness regularly, and learn to trust your basic goodness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anxiety and stress are caused by the chaos of life, and social media can contribute greatly to this stress.
  • You can relieve stress by finding the “goodness” in your heart.
  • Silent meditation and breathing exercises can help you find the goodness in your heart, therefore relieving anxiety and stress.

“What if we trusted that we are good enough, that we don’t have to do anything to prove it, that we don’t have to worry about that anymore?”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/basicgoodness/

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