April 25


Making Time for Learning When There’s No Time to Think!

By Margaret

One of the difficulties of a busy work environment is that no one has time to learn anything new. Improving this scenario may require changes that are both organizational and cultural. In addition, simply signaling that employees are valued can be very helpful. For adult learning, there’s something called the 70:20:10 model which suggests 70 percent of adult learning should come from experience, 20 percent from colleagues and contacts, and 10 percent direct training. It’s also important to recognize that learning can be fitted into small time periods, e.g., watching a training podcast during lunchtime. Ultimately, the right approach toward employee learning can reinvigorate a company.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many persons struggle to learn at work and this is because they are piled up with work at work and struggling to succeed at work.
  • The author states that in an organization he worked for, learning new things seemed downright impossible because information was coming at a fast pace.
  • When people start quitting at a place of work and begin to feel lots of stress, the problem is not usually because of the training.

“The instruction documents, process manuals, and other supposedly useful resources were piling up, and everyone’s calendar was full of course dates. The real issue was that nobody felt able to do any of it!”

Read more: https://www.mindtools.com/blog/make-time-learning-work/

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