November 21


Live on the Straight and Narrow or On the Edge?

By Peter Julian

People have different interests, and varied actions appeal to each person differently. A stable job, a long-term career may be appealing to one person, while another thrives on day-to-day jobs, and flitting from employer to employer. Opinions on personal relationships also widely vary. Some people prefer a stable marriage, a continuing and reliable dependence on another person. Other people may prefer many short-lived, shallow, transactional experiences to fulfill their idea of intimacy. Being flexible and learning about other options can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Key Takeaways:

  • People who live more on the straight and narrow tend to be more financially secure and have a more coherent plan for the future.
  • Those who live more on the edge may feel more free, and will often point out that monogamy, in particular, is often less successful than people think.
  • “Edgier” people may perceive their straight and narrow peers as giving up on fun or self-expression in favor of social conformity.

“You’re plodding through life in one shade of gray, let alone even a hint of purple.”

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