September 27


Hypnotic Healing

By Peter Julian

September 27, 2019

When in a state of hypnosis, the functioning of our physical bodies can be greatly influenced by our minds. Throughout the 20th century, dentists used hypnosis as their main method of pain management during various dental procedures. It has been shown that during these procedures such as tooth extraction, a patient’s threshold can actually increase by up to 220%. Experts believe that this is related to a placebo-like effect which directly alters our neurological system and physiological makeup.

Key Takeaways:

  • The most fascinating aspect associated with hypnosis is how much control the mind can have over the way our bodies function.
  • Researchers have found that if patients are kept under a hypnotic state while getting teeth extracted, their pain threshold can increase by 220%.
  • The way hypnosis helps in healing and pain tolerance is similar to the placebo effect. This effect is able to produce true physiological and neurological differences.

“The hypnotic state is still mysterious — there is no clear explanation of what happens when a person becomes hypnotised, or how the state is different from normal consciousness.”

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