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How to Wake up your brain

By Staff Writer

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A rare gene, according to some University research, enables a lucky 3% of the population to survive and thrive on a handful of hours of sleep regularly. However, most of us never got the gene. We have to survive and thrive and hopefully wake up refreshed and ready for a new day on whatever we get. To that end. It’s good to have a sleep routine. Doing the same thing all the time tells your brain and body it’s time to let go and relax. Spend some time thinking through the day. Try to find the silver lining in anything that was not at first blush a positive. By going to sleep prepared to sleep and in a positive, grateful frame of mind you’ll make the most of the Zzs you do get.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you want your brain to be wide-awake in the morning, you need to let it relax and sleep well at night.
  • Some gifted people have a gene that lets them get by on minimal sleep, but most of us do not have that gene.
  • To go to sleep in a positive frame of mine, it’s a good idea to remember the not so good about the day and then look for the silver lining in it.

“There are seven days in a week. Every night before going to sleep I remind myself what day it is. Today is Tuesday; tomorrow, Wednesday. And depending on the day, I make a mental outline of a to-do list for the next day. If I need to go somewhere in the morning, this will include deciding what to wear.”

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