March 11


How to Use Your Lunch Break to Boost Productivity When Working from Home

By Peter Julian

March 11, 2021

Whether you are working from home these days or you still go to your physical place of work, lunch break is the time to unwind. However, if you are working from home, you have more flexibility in deciding how to use your time, and you can utilize it in a way that will actually boost your productivity. For example, you should use this time to get outside and get some fresh air. You can also utilize this time to talk to someone important in your life, and that can lift your spirits for the rest of the day.

Key Takeaways:

  • Living and working in the same environment every day doesn’t exactly rouse creativity. So, make good use of your lunch break and get out of the house.
  • Take a break from your screen at lunch to catch up with a loved one. You’re sure to feel uplifted and in a more positive headspace after connecting with somebody you care about.
  • By skipping lunch you’re putting yourself at risk of hitting an afternoon energy slump, which won’t do you any favors workwise.

“Unless you’ve got an important cameras-on meeting after lunch, your lunch break could be the perfect time to break a sweat.”

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