October 11


How to Relieve Stress Using These Powerful Positive Affirmations

By Peter Julian

On the road to self-improvement, positive affirmations are a must. People need to utilize this powerful optimism to rewire their brain into positively perceiving the world around them. Even though there are plenty of affirmations already available, like “I feel peaceful” and “My thoughts are calm,” each affirmation should be personal to the individual. By repeating this phrase throughout the day, people can be their best selves, learn to follow good habits, and even improve their overall health.

Key Takeaways:

  • Positive affirmations can change pessimistic internal thoughts into optimistic thoughts by rewiring your brain.
  • Although there is plenty of advice about positive affirmations, each one should feel personal to the person creating the affirmation.
  • Positive affirmations not only promote stress relief, but can also positively affect overall health.

“The affirmation should always allow you to visualize how you want your life to be, as in how you want to feel and react in a certain environment.”

Read more: https://www.powerofpositivity.com/relieve-stress-using-powerful-positive-affirmations/

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