August 23


How to Kick Procrastination and Get Sh*t Done in Five Seconds

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Oftentimes, procrastination is a product of anxiety, not laziness. People get caught in ?Anxiety Catch-22s in which they fear either possible outcome of a situation. This kind of anxiety can be paralyzing, but you can turn a lose-lose outlook into a win-win one. In other cases, your anxiety will stop you from undertaking things because you fear even the good consequences of an effort. Let yourself get excited and focus on the amazing possibilities of the future in order to get out of the rut your anxiety has put you in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rather than labeling yourself lazy for not doing a thing at once and with gusto realize that anxiety often lurks at the bottom of the indecisiveness.
  • When you find the anxiety at the bottom of the dithering, try to find the silver lining that will make doing the thing a win/win to dispel your anxiety.
  • If the reframing doesn’t work, it could be that you are actually afraid of a positive outcome.

“There is one specific way I?ve seen anxiety obstruct forward movement in my life and the lives of clients. I am talking about about the Catch-22 Paradigm.”

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