May 21


How to Keep Going When You’re Not Good at Something New

By Margaret

The author has one belief and it is that the most satisfied people in this life are the people who are most alive. And he states that propelling ourselves out of our comfort zone is the key to making us feel most alive. Going out of the comfort zones opens up new opportunities for finding meaning, excitement, and passion in one’s living. Despite this truth, many persons feel that doing this is not safe or uncomfortable because they are wired to their ways of doing things the traditional way. They feel that starting out as a beginner in something might make them feel like Bambi taking wobbly steps to which she always falls or like Napoleon Dynamite who always does an awkward dance. They would rather want to be confident, feel competent and be proud. They want to feel like they know exactly what it is they are supposed to be doing and are doing it that way. The author states that it is why no one wants to start from the beginning. That is why the author has been helping at a podcast that is called Next Creator Up. The podcast aims to help people free themselves from their own way and to create things that they desire to create.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states one belief that he has and that is he think that the most satisfied people in life are those who are most alive.
  • It is not easy or safe for one to go out of his comfort zone and be a beginner in doing something new.
  • No one wants to feel awkward like Pedro as they take their first steps or weak and inept like Bambi who tends to fall often.

“Recently I’ve been helping produce a new podcast called Next Creator Up, a show that helps people get out of their own way and create what they want to create. In the first episode, Ehren Prudhel, my partner in many things, interviewed singer/songwriter Kelley McRae.”

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