July 30


How to Have a Powerfully Effective Day

By Peter Julian

Many people strive to for productivity in their everyday lives. These powerfully effective days can sometimes feel elusive, but there are steps an individual can take to increase their chances of productivity. For example, they can align their actions with their goals, create a habit to focus more, and approach new tasks with a fresh sense of novelty. In other words, to be more productive, people should focus on feeling aliveness within their routine and tailor their effectiveness to their lifestyle.

Key Takeaways:

  • Many people don’t feel they have the time in their days to get things done.
  • When trying to get things done, it’s important to prioritize, and make sure you’re doing the important things that matter most.
  • It is important to pick one single thing to focus on at a time.

“If you can follow these — imperfectly, and with practice — you’ll transform how effective you are in your life.”

Read more: https://zenhabits.net/powerfully-effective/

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