May 3


How to Embrace Your Sensitive Superpower and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

By Margaret

May 3, 2019

Sensitivity can often feel like a burden. In reality, it’s a gift, perhaps even a superpower. Those of us who are sensitive simply have a high capacity for feeling. This gives us the basis for self-awareness and empathy, but also leaves us susceptible to sensory overload. When things becomes overwhelming, there’s a tendency to retreat into introversion. However, the core problem here isn’t sensitivity – which makes us caring and self-aware individuals – but lack of stability. Meditation, mindfulness and yoga can provide a more stable center and allow us to use our sensitivity as a superpower.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sensitivity can be a burden and this is especially the case when one is completely overwhelmed by a stimulation that has become overloaded.
  • The author states that he is an introvert and a sensitive person who has navigated the waters of overloaded stimulation throughout his life.
  • Sensitivity can be defined of the ability to feel what is happening in the environment. One’s ability to feel depends on his degree of sensitivity.

“When I was young, wherever my parents took me, I’d be very aware of the spaces around me and how they made me feel. I either liked a place because I felt good there, or I didn’t like it because I felt uncomfortable.”

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