June 25


How to dissolve your ego—and why you should

By Peter Julian

It’s not wrong to have a sense of self, but sometimes our egos inhibit our ability to move forward. In a new book, Ryan Holiday discusses how turning to other people can help us keep our egos in check. Buddhism contends that there is no permanent self, and that acting as though there is one is a source of suffering. Mindfulness meditation also offers a way to get beyond our own egos. Even psychedelic drugs have been promoted as a path toward obliterating the ego. Whatever method you choose, it helps to identify what your ego defenses protect and try to can get around the walls.

Key Takeaways:

  • Egos often hold people back, because they’re trying to attain something that doesn’t fit with their self-image
  • People have been suggesting many solutions for how to keep your ego from preventing your personal growth
  • For example, one expert suggests having a support network of people with varying success compared to yourself

“Every time we don’t do something important for fear of what others will think of us, rest on our laurels rather than start on our next big project, or refuse to acknowledge that we might have failed and need to do better next time is a case of our ego holding us back from being the best version of ourselves we can be.”

Read more: https://bigthink.com/personal-growth/how-dissolve-ego

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