November 17


How to Build a Strong Sense of Self

By Peter Julian

It can be really hard to know who you truly are in a world where we are surrounded by constant pressure of what we should be doing or should be interested in. We can really take a step back and look within at who we really are as a person deep down. We can take the time to self reflect. When things come up in life, use that as an opportunity to really get to know who you are and express that.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is sadly and tragically easy to accept a version of yourself that is reflected in the actions and words of those around you, rather than defining yourself for yourself.
  • The easy way of giving in to reflecting other’s view of you is unfortunately compounded by modern, popular culture, which has a lot to say about what we all should supposedly be.
  • A highly important step is to learn to know what we want and what we think and like regardless of how it might appear to others.

“Begin by making choices for your life, instead of looking to others to make decisions for you.”

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