August 7


How To Be Resilient: 4 Steps To Success When Life Gets Hard

By Peter Julian

In Iceland, one of the world’s hardest places to live due to the weather, the men are very resilient, in fact they out live most men by over 13 years. Why is this, scientist wondered and they determines because they live in a very harsh environment and they have adapted to it and become stronger. It is through trials and discomfort that we push ourselves to change and become more resilient. We do not grow by laying on the couch in comfort. We always exchange our comfort, wanting new and better. Tomorrows latest and greatest beats out today’s in this modern world. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It is in boredom that creativity happens. We can push ourselves to find new challenges and resilience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Growth and improvement happen outside of your comfort zone when life is challenging.
  • We become comfortable in our comfort and as we improve then what we found to bring us comfort no longer does.
  • Put down the smartphones, let boredom set in so creativity can come. Channel your boredom into something that you can create.

“The quest to avoid discomfort and just live in a perpetual hammock of bliss will never end because your brain won’t let it.”

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