September 23


How Personal Boundaries Can Prevent Trouble Down The Road

By Peter Julian

It’s important for workers, and anyone really, to set definitive personal boundaries. Without these defined rules, people burnout from high stress positions, and it does a lot of harm to the individual. For examples, employees should be strict to their employers that they work when their at work, but on off-hours, there should be no work related activities. Today’s get-up-and-go culture is leaving a huge mark on workers, and they are being run into the ground.

Key Takeaways:

  • While working, it’s important to set boundaries about the time you are accessible
  • Outside of normal working hours, employees should not have to answer work-related questions.
  • Employee burnout is a huge issue in today’s workplace, and can be solved by setting personal boundaries.

“Personal boundaries are important to protect yourself from harm. Both harm that others can do to you because of their own issues/agendas/etc, and the harm you do to yourself, especially if you’re a people pleaser.”

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