November 9


How Personal Boundaries Can Prevent Trouble Down The Road

By Peter Julian

Having boundaries is not only a good idea, it is necessary to do. When we are at home after working all day, we shouldn’t be expected to answer emails from work during that time. When you are home at night, that should be it, because you wouldn’t go to the office at 11pm, so you shouldn’t answer an email at that time either. People are getting burned out from always being plugged in all the time, and the work place is suffering as a result.

Key Takeaways:

  • People pleasers in particular are prone to having thin, or sketchy, boundaries, which others are often more than willing to transgress upon.
  • Time spent at home, as just one example, should be regarded as an almost inviolate boundary against work, which should not be transgressed upon without good reason and never with any regularity.
  • When worker boundaries are regularly transgressed upon the workplace culture itself changes and is potentially destroyed.

“People are tired and burned out, because there’s a significant lack of boundaries around the work itself, and when it’s expected to be performed.”

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