May 19


How Our Self-Talk and Language Can Sabotage or Support Us

By Peter Julian

Redirecting our negative thoughts to ones that are more centered and uplifting in nature can have some pretty remarkable benefits. By the same token, when someone continuously speaks to themselves in a negative manner, it can have heavy consequences such as a decrease in self-esteem and creativity. But how do you steer yourself away from these subtle, cynical thoughts that seem to happen so naturally? The answer surprisingly lies in simple practices such as slowing down your overall thought process and wording things differently.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you berate yourself sometimes, slow down and see how you can change things.
  • Change your word choices, for example, try to avoid saying “I can’t.”
  • Be compassionate with yourself and accept that it may take time to change your habits.

“For example, if you are making dinner and just as you finish you knock the whole thing on the floor, how might you respond?”

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